MySQL Classes and Tutorials

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These are online, self-guided ways for developers wishing to gain more RDBMS understanding (or have a refresher course) in the two most ubiquitous platforms — MySQL and PostgreSQL.  I add and remove from this list from time to time as material becomes outdated or better bits are found.

Disclaimer:  I didn’t have a hand in creating any of these, but have recommended them in one format or another for several years.

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MySQL for Developers

MySQL in 7 Days

Learn MySQL via TutorialsPoint (quite good, complete)

Simple SQL Overview (beginners, from W3Schools)

PostgreSQL Tutorial (also has you install it on your platform of choice)


15 Useful MySQL/MariaDB Performance Tuning and Optimization Tips


MySQL Tutorial for Beginners [Full Course] (Programming with Mosh) – (3h 10m)

MySQL Tutorial For Beginners (Intellipaat) – (2h 5m)

Learn PostgreSQL Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners–VYLpxG4 – (4h 20m)

Postgres for Beginners (Simplilearn) – (1h 30m)