Partial list of compositions


All works available for sale.  Title and medium given; more information, recordings and/or electronic realizations available upon request.

Eight Bagatelles (1978) piano
Suite No. 1 for Brass Quartet (1981) brass quartet
Suite No. 2 for Brass Quartet (1981) brass quartet
Concert March in F minor (1981) band
Two Experimental Preludes (1981) piano
Sonata for Trombone (1982) trombone/piano
Three Unaccompanied Pieces for Trombone (1983) trombone
Percussion Quintet No. 1 (1984) perc. quintet
Sonata in D for Woodwind Quintet (1984) ww quintet
Four Preludes (1984) piano
Three A cappella Songs for Baritone (1985) baritone
Four Songs after Blake for A cappella Choir (1985) SATB
Two Psalmodies (1987) SATB+piano
Fanfare on “Holy Temple” for Brass Quintet (1988) brass quintet
Percussion Quintet No. 2 (1988) perc. quintet
Allegory I for Bassoon (1988) bassoon
Sonata for Flute and Piano (1988) flute/piano
Three Facetious Strephonades (1989) soprano/piano
Three Preludes (1989) piano
Suite for Chamber Winds (1989) wind ensemble
Percussion Quartet No. 1 (1989) perc. quartet
Allegory II for Alto Flute (1989) alto flute
Allegory III for Trumpet (1989) trumpet
Hear the Voice of the Bard (1990) SATB
Cycles (electronic) (1990) electronic
Musica Reservata (1991) orchestra
Dramatic Gestures (1991) violin/’cello
Establish a House (1991) SATB/organ
Epitaph (1991) SATB
Fughetta for Two Pianos (1991) two pianos
Sombre Vista (electronic) (1992) electronic
A Greater Kin (1992) soprano/piano
Five ’til Eight (1992) String orchestra
Tuba Fear-um (1992) tuba duet
Waylon is Better than Death (1992) alto/piano
Quiet Hope (1992) soprano/piano
Processional for Organ (1993) Organ
Veni, Emmanuel for Male Chorus (1993) TTBB
Through a Glass, Darkly (song cycle) (1993) ch orch/sop/bar
Allegory IV for Violin and Cello (1994) Violin/’cello
Guide Us, O Mighty God (1994) SATB/organ
Fanfare: Prometheus (1994) brass quintet/timp
The Artificial tango Bistro ensemble
Prime Form, Normal Order (1994) electronic (tape)
Sturm und Drang (1995) Piano
Timeline for 12 players (1995) ensemble
Toccata (1995) Organ
Passacaglia (1993) Organ